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Rapture Dreams - By Erin (SparrowCloud9) April 14, 2013

April 14, 2013 - Sunday Vision from 4 small rapture dreams on 4.13.13

First Vision:

The sirens from the Hanford Nuclear Area were on, it was during the day here. The television had just gone off satellite after the warning that several major cities had been hit and details were unavailable. I ordered the kids to gather up the emergency back packs that had been collecting dust at the front door since October. I quickly stuffed garbage bags full of pantry items and things from the frig. I was yelling for the kids to grab sneakers or hiking boots for fear that one of them would wear flip-flops. I already had a tent and cold gear in the car that I have kept in the car for the last few years for emergencies. I grabbed my laptop, 2 lanterns, battery packs, my Bible and journal.

There was no more time. I ushered the kids to the car. To my right was my neighbor who is head of Security out at the Area. We see him loading up his SUV with an arsenal of weapons. My neighbor across the street is a physicist at the site. I saw him loading up his family. Down the street there was a jeep from the National Guard requiring mandatory return of all Area personnel back to the Site. I saw my neighbor and others that I knew who worked there, disobeying the order and gathering up their families instead.

People were hysterical. My kids were scared. I pulled out my map when I saw the GPS had no reading. I looked at my map for alternate routes North. I knew that the highways would be parking lots. We drove out of our development. As we drove, I saw people at their worst; fighting, bickering, and even autos driving directly on to the golf course. I was able to get us out to the front gate of the community, which was at the edge of the Area. There were MP’s and the National Guard blocking all roads leading to alternate routes. Two lanes were used to head out of the Area. It took 10 minutes to drive less than 1 mile. I turned left down the road to my work. There were no cars or officials anywhere in the business park.

I went into my work and removed the water cooler jug, and the 2 back-up water units. I left the kids in the car while I looked for anything else we might need. I grabbed rope, duct tape, all flash lights, more batteries, and some tarps. If this were a false alarm, all items would be returned, and the owner of our company I know wouldn’t mind me using these items - he lived in another state and wouldn’t need these. As I was rushing out I noticed a construction radio so I grabbed that also. I had spent approximately 5 minutes here.

As I locked up the building and looked out at my car, I saw the horror on my kids faces. I got into the car and prayed that God would grant us supernatural transport to a safe place....or we would not make it! We held hands together and all of us were in tears. I began to speak out Psalm 23, loudly as the Nuclear site had just been hit.

Then by a miracle, our car was transported to a far off mountain range. We were all in shock. My daughter said, “Mom, is this Heaven? I thought we were.......” I stopped her and explained that we were supernaturally translated from harm. I had heard of this miracle before on a Christian Television show but I myself never considered it possible for me.Everything was transported, the car and everything.

I realized from my surroundings that we were located on an eastern mountain range bordering Washington and Idaho. I had only seen it from a distance, so I didn’t know exactly what it was called. I looked across the valley and saw the next range which was toward Seattle. We seemed to have landed on some forestry or logging road. We were safe and I was certain no one would harm us here.
Night time began to fall. the sky was a frightening shade of pink. There were fires where buildings and homes were burning but, no electric grid. We were east of the Valley. We huddled together and prayed. Each of us felt compelled to confess our sins, my son started this; it was warming my heart to hear my kids confessing and then reconciling every thing to God. Then, they began to ask questions.........

I told them that I didn’t know when Jesus would come but, I believed very soon. We prayed again. I was praying for even more because I realized that I had forgotten my medicine, the matches and some other key items for survival) I didn’t mention anything to the kids that might scare them. I got up to get blankets and food. I put batteries in the radio and received a distant signal. Basically, most of the United States was in chaos. As we looked across the valley, the sky grew dark. I was wondering if I had missed the call, I thought Jesus would’ve come by now. I looked down at the time it had begun sometime between 3:00 pm and now but according to the clock we were nearing 6:00 pm -- late afternoon. The sky was dark almost black. It was confusing.

I prayed for Heaven, for His Kingdom to Come and His Will to be Done on Earth as it is in Heaven! I prayed out loud. We looked out toward the valley and I saw something drop from the sky. Then we all had a strange temporary loss of hearing. Then I saw it, A huge mushroom cloud -- massive. I saw lights drop from the sky out of the cloud.

Right before our eyes, Four angels descended before us, grabbed each of us and removed us. We were removed so quickly it was if they appeared in a flash of light. We rose past the atmosphere, as I looked to my right and left, there were 1000’s being transported in the same way - by angels.
I looked back on the earth I saw the grids. I saw fire rain down at the US. I didn’t understand, first bombs, then nukes or both then fire from Heaven??? I knew it wasn’t the time of the end of the earth but just the end of the earth as we knew it. I saw several large cities burning or exploding. I saw a portion of land on the west coast breaking off like and island and falling into the sea. I saw the same thing in the lakes near Chicago, as the earth seemed to split. I wondered if the fallen had now overcome the earth.

Vision Dream #2 (this was taken from someone else in another part of the country or world)

I looked up and off to the west I saw a beautiful cloud unlike any i had ever seen; both majestic and ominous, depending on who your Savior is or not. There was a silver and gold line point, it was coming down and as it moved closer I could see Jesus. I dropped everything. I went out to my lawn from the south and east and I lifted my arms. Some of my neighbors were screaming. Others were on their knees on their front lawns and praising Jesus for His return. Everyone recognized Him. Some yelled out, “It’s not Jesus but an alien!” Those of us who knew the word knew how to recognize Him. Out of the cloud were streams of light; streams and streams coming quickly like lightening. Some were swirling others were straight. One headed for me, it collected me in a flash, I was gone!

Vision Dream #3 (another part of the country)

I was shopping in a large metro mall. Very high end. Appeared to be Dallas or Houston. There was a central atrium and the mall was two stories. An announcement had gone throughout the speaker system in the mall that the United States was at war and the largest cities on east and west coast had been hit. There was incredible fear. People began to loot stores that had survival gear or items that could be used for gear. There were shots ringing out from the Eddie Bauer Store and another like it near by. There was a Nordstrom’s and several of us ran into it. My car was on the outer part of the store. There were armed men, I couldn’t tell if they were foreign, american or what. There was screaming. I ran to the bedding department, then off to the side were some mattresses were used for staging. There was a little girl who was lost. I grabbed her and told her she needed to be very quiet. I thought the gunmen would find us with her crying. She appeared to be about 7 years old.

I pulled out my i-pad from my Gucci tote and all service was gone. Just then the power went out. I used the light of my pad to illuminate a path to the exits. I grabbed my purse and gave the little girl a mini flashlight that I had on my keychain. I remembered also that I had pepper spray if I needed it. I hadn’t gone to the ATM so I had no cash -- with the power gone I knew cash and visa machines would be out. As I stumbled to find the exit. I couldn’t understand why the sky was so dark it didn’t make sense it was only about 5:00 pm the little girl was crying again. I reassured her and picked her up running in my ridiculous Pliner Pumps and my Garfield and Marx suite. I wasn’t wearing proper clothing for this scenario, I wasn’t prepared. We got to the exit finally. I looked up into the sky, I couldn’t see anything but black. The little girls said, “How beautiful, do you see the angels, do you see Jesus?” I thought she was crazy, I didn’t see anything -- I was taught that Jesus was a myth and this was something that gave poor people hope. I was reaching to grab my car keys out of the little girls hand. In a flash, I saw a glaring white light and the little girl, who was on my hip -- was gone. Completely gone. Her dress was in my right arm. I panicked. My heart racing. I hit the keys looking for my car. I heard the chirp and started the motor from my key chain.

I was afraid the little girls mom would accuse me of killing her. I approached my car, the sky was dark. I felt a cold round end of a gun right at my temple. A man speaking a foreign language forced me to use my thumbprint - biometric tech to open the door so he could steal it. I pulled out the pepper spray and got the gun from his hand. It took him off guard. I got in the car and pulled out. As I looked at the sky, there were balls of fire raining down. I couldn’t tell if they were bombs, or something else. I looked ahead and saw abandoned cars everywhere. I pulled up and asked a woman what had happened. She said, “You don’t know?” no I have no idea, then she said that many people were abducted do to a strange bio phenomenon, she said that I was a one of the miracles in advanced science to remain here. She went on to say that our genetic structure was superior to those who were removed. She said, “count yourself lucky. I felt bad for the little girl but, I knew that my genetics were superior. I had gone through several treatments. I was very glad to be here and relieved that I wasn’t like one of them.

Vision #4:

I was me, Erin now. I was in a large transport I had seen this three times before in my NDE’s. Like a train but yet a giant box, I remembered Tevah from my friend’s research. I didn’t know this before but I recognized it from the forestry box and the picnic basket. He must have been getting me use to the idea of a Tevah.

I looked around and there were many others from my region. I quickly scanned for my children and there they were. Their angels were telling them funny things along with the other kids, there was no fear. I was relieved. Everyone was so excited. The Tevah transport traveled for some time maybe it was just the excitement.

Looking out the windows everything had gone from darkness in the cloud at the transport to extreme light. The Tevah pulled into a type of station. I recognized the horrible imitation of what I had seen here in the tribulation dream where those who chose Jesus, the Trib Saints were beheaded off of the arrival platform that the Fallen had set-up. I thought it was no accident that the Fallen would recreate a similar opposite to this beautiful Heavenly Receiving Station to provoke God!

The platform to receive us was similar to a 5 star resort...but Heavenly and better! The Platform was made of marble and beautifully translucent almost like glass. There were red, blue and purple carpet runners on the platform. Beyond the platform was a huge group of saints there to greet us. There were 1000’s of angels there singing. There were streamers of gold ribbon and I saw beautiful white doves that shimmered in silver and gold. There were angels with beautiful trumpets announcing our arrival. It was amazing!

Stepping out of the Tevah, I noticed that all of us were breathing very deeply. It was the rarefied air of Heaven. The air was fragrant. I smelled roses -- like at the rose parade in Pasadena, CA. People began to running off the platform to greet loved ones. Mothers found their children, and children found their parents. There were tears of incredible joy and the sound of laughter with music.

Off in the distance, I saw the massive Holy City! Massive and it appeared miles away. Even though it was far away, I saw the beautiful river that came from the city, which flowed from the throne even up to the platform. Many of my friends that I had never met, but I knew on earth were gathered at the trees along the river. They were enjoying the fruit from the trees -- the best fruit. Many of them had jumped into the river and the angels were helping people in and out. It looked almost like a giant baptism. This river gives life. It washes away stains of all kinds. I saw that skin was being transformed. The river was full --It was fun to watch. I began to weep at the sight. It was so wonderful to see such a glorious miracle after so much darkness. I looked back and saw my kids with some of my family members, I waved at them.

As I turned and angel came up to me, I recognized him as on of the Father’s. Him: “Erin, come to the gate!” The angel grabbed my arm and we traveled fast. I was so excited to see Jesus! We came upon the edge of the city. There were the 3 gates on the East. In the distance and before me was a pedestal with a huge golden book - it was beautiful. There was a large angel there and several around him almost like witnesses. There I was stopped momentarily while the angel pointed to the page on the book. There my name was illuminated. It was different that the book was out now after all the times I had been there.I thought this occurred at the time of judgement not now? Maybe it was a double check or symbolic to me, the Bride so that I would I know that I was a citizen and therefore allowed to enter into the Gates of the Holy CIty. I wasn’t sure.

This time the gate was open. I saw three large Beautiful angels one at each entrance. I waved and each nodded and smiled. I was ushered in by my guardian and the other angel. I looked back briefly and saw that there were four more angels with us. Upon entering through the gate, my white robe turned to the beautiful embroidered gown. I walked the beautiful streets of gold. I was in tears. The mansions, the music, the light and the fragrance of this ancient but modern city was amazing! The street we were traveling on curved and it followed the river. The river watered all of the lush flowering vines and trees. There was gold everywhere. There were precious stones; both faceted or cut and or polished. As we rounded down the street further at what seemed like lightening speed -- they were hurrying me along, since the city was so large we had a long way to travel.

As we rounded the last turn, the street led to the huge garden with fountains. This was larger than Central Park. The river of life and the trees were all there. IT was the same scene from the last dream, only I had come from the upper East Gate this time. I saw the angels and saints preparing for the celebration. I was so excited. I saw the huge Sea of Glass. All around the garden were dwellings that looked like clear glass yet they were gold. All could view the Throne, which was the source of light. My transformed body was lovely. I breathed so deeply and my thoughts were expanded. I seemed to have supernatural knowledge -- this of course I lacked on earth!

The angels escorted me back to the Chamber. there were stairs leading to the porch and up above this was a beautiful tower, round like a Tourette and large. There were pearl walls inside, with jasper stairs. Their were beautiful furnishings. It was incredible there. It took my breath away. The angels took me to the porch. I looked over the beautiful gardens. The smells were incredible fragrant, the colors vivid and the fountains contained living water. As I stood in awe over this, I thought of more than a dozen scriptures that capture this scene, yet nothing is like being here watching the scriptures come to life!

As I stood, a gentle breeze came over the area.
I heard Jesus whisper, “Erin everything is ready. All is prepared. Heaven is waiting to receive!” I looked for Him everywhere, I thought HE must be busy right now and can’t come to me in body. I rushed around and I still couldn’t see Him.
Jesus:Erin, I’m here my voice is in the gentle whisper.
Me: “But Lord, aren’t I Home now is this today, or?? I have lost my sense of time.
Jesus: “Erin, the wedding is not today but, the Bride is arriving.
Me: “Lord, today?”
Jesus:Time is quickening, are you happy that your friends are coming too?
Me: “Oh yes, I am so excited!”
Jesus:There are many people anxious to see you. They have interceded for you and love you so much.
me: “Lord, You brought me back to the Bridal Chamber. Is it that I am now consecrated? Will consummation begin now for 7 days? Is this our warning?”
Jesus: I know you are anxious, I too am anticipation the day when I am with my Betrothed permanently.
me: “But the arrival was so real. Has this happened?”
Jesus: No, but it will, you have seen it in advance and can give comfort to those who you will meet that will need this. I too will speak and I will send angels to declare it.!
Me: “So I am showing this to someone that might be discouraged at first or disheartened when disaster strikes that you are not coming right away? But, from what I saw, You are coming at the same time or right after.”
Jesus: “Yes, there will be a sequence, it will be frightening at first, but take comfort for you’ll know that redemption is quickly to follow. I am coming in the clouds.
Me: “I’m confused, are you coming twice on the clouds?”
Jesus: Erin, the first is to gather My Bride the second will be to avenge Her and the others. The first is love coming down; the promise of marriage to My Bride. The second is certainly not the same!
Me: “this makes sense. So am I to wait in the Bridal Chamber and prepare for the wedding 7 days more of consecration, then consummation and then the Wedding?”
Jesus:Erin, you are half right, you just had quiet for 7 days. Did you not rest and pray?
Me: “Yes, but I was anticipating Your arrival so I didn’t get much rest.”
Jesus:So you stayed watch even during the night hours?
Me: “Yes, this is what Brides do - I am ready now!” Then the breeze stopped.
The angels came up to me.
My guardian said, “Erin don’t be discouraged. All is not as expected, just know your place is here. Your Home is here and your name is written in the Lamb’s Book of Life. He wanted you to see this in case the enemy tried to discourage you!
me: “I don’t understand?”
Angel: “Erin we are all with you; gathered specifically to help you. All will be okay. When you call upon His Name, -- The name of Jesus - we will be there to help. Even when you forget to call, we will be there to deliver you safely Home. You are His and you are marked by the Blood of Jesus. Your children are too and so are Your Friends. Do not be afraid!
Me: “But I’m here now and my children and everyone else. Why can’t it just stay this way? Then none of you have to re-do everything?” They all looked at each other.
Another Angel, he reminded me of Beryl said: “Erin this was done in advance so that you would comfort your friends that these events will take place; they will occur. Just know that the order will seem discouraging."
Me: “You mean we will suffer? Some of us will have trouble?”
Beryl: “Remember your place, don’t be afraid! You saw the great celebration! You see the Joy! - Joy comes in the morning! We are there with you to help. Others have help too. All of your friends and their households. All is under His mighty wings. You will experience the supernatural and will see it with your own eyes. Soon you will be able to help others by your testimony. The ones left to go through the time of great trouble will need to hear about where you reside. Soon you will be home, but will also serve another purpose for a time. Remember that you saw the center when you were up here for three days.
Me: “Where I am, we will see trouble. How do I ready my house now? Is there anything I can do?”
Guardian: “You can but you understand what panic can do to people. People become capable of unpredictable things. Call on the name of Jesus during this!! Remember the Psalms 90 & 91. You will not experience trouble for long. Do not worry He is coming at the proper time. Do not listen to anyone that claims that God tarries. He does not! The battle rages, angels can be delayed as you have seen but, those who are appointed to you as shields are with you. You will need great faith now based on what you have seen. This will help others remain focussed on Jesus, and the fact that He is Coming!
Me: “I’m discouraged now, I was hoping we were Home!”
Beryl: “What you experienced is a shadow of things to come. Be encouraged that When Jesus Collects His Bride! This is coming!"
Me: “How soon?”
Guardian: “Now is the time to look to those who have seen the events that are coming unfold. John has information. Look to Revelation. Go back to Isaiah 17 and 19 -- remember that Israel is a gauge to patterns and timing - nothing here has changed! You will need to look now to Amos and back to Esther. You are close to uncovering some Keys. There is also Psalm 46. Psalm 44 will read as a lament yet, lamentations has an answer. Psalm 45 is your favor and your place. Timing is in Songs of Solomon. Then understand who is coming from the North, who is that enemy. What will they do? Matthew 14:27 and forward - Do not forget you are loved!!
Erin, Remember you are loved by the King, Call upon HIs Name!
Vision Finished --

Rough day to get it typed! Please remember these are prophetic in nature yet, I am not a prophet, only a recorder or what I see. Please use discernment and the Holy Spirit as Your Guide! The Scriptures are your greatest tool in discernment! Remember He is Coming Soon! Ready Your Houses and Stay Watching!! Be Ready!

Love and blessings.......sparrowcloud9 --- Erin

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  1. I just posted a song that confirms your Rapture dream at In the Lord's messages to me, war will have begun and the Rapture follows immediately. It is comforting to see two confirmations of these events.

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